About the Bishop’s Pilgrimage through the Archdeaconry of Moncton:
This is Bishop Edwards’ third-annual pilgrimage through an archdeaconry in the Diocese of Fredericton. His blog, entitled Come, Walk and Pray describes the two main elements of his walks: “to spend with God; [...] to meet people along the way.” The days of the pilgrimage are marked by services of Morning and Evening Prayer at the Bishop’s overnight stops, brief Midday prayers en route, and by time set aside for silent contemplation. Parishioners are welcome to join the pilgrimage for as much or as little as they would like, entering into a rhythm of activity, rest and prayer.
More information: anglican.nb.ca/wp/pilgrimage/



Friday, June 2

6:00pm: Fundraiser Dinner at St. Paul’s Church, Sackville
To support the recent preservation work done to St. Paul’s tower, a lasagna dinner will be served. There will be lasagna, salad and a choice of dessert. The cost is $12/adult and $8/child (under 12).
7:30pm: Evening Prayer at St. Paul’s Church, Sackville

Saturday, June 3

8:00am: Morning Prayer at St. Paul’s Church, Sackville
9:00am – 3:30pm: “Noticing God” Diocesan Quiet Day at St. Paul’s Church, Sackville
This day is designed as “a time for resting in God and to practice noticing Him.” At 9:30am, Bp. Edwards will offer the plenary address “Noticing God in Creation,” which will include a walk in the Waterfowl Park. He will then depart, heading to St. Ann’s Church (Westcock), but the Quiet Day will continue with afternoon & morning sessions. More information: anglican.nb.ca/events
              The Bishop walks from St. Paul’s to St. Ann’s
Circa 12 noon: Midday Prayers & Lunch at St. Ann’s Church, Westcock
              The Bishop walks from St. Ann’s to Trinity
7:00pm: Evening Prayer at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester

Sunday, June 4

8:00am: Morning Prayer at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester
11:00am: Holy Communion & Potluck (Shared Meal) at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester
The only service held in the parishes this Sunday will be this 11:00 Holy Communion at Trinity in Dorchester, at which Bp. Edwards will preach—celebrating Pentecost (Whitsunday) with us. All are invited to stay afterwards to share a meal. For inquiries about the potluck, contact Susan Spence.