St. Ann's 200th Anniversary (1817-2017)

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Weekly Schedule

Each week the congregation gathers for worship on Sunday at 9:30 A.M. When a priest is available, this consists of a celebration of Holy Communion. Sometimes, instead there is a service of Morning Prayer. Fifteen minutes prior to the service, at 9:15 A.M., Sunday school begins. This children's ministry is offered between September and May.
Coffee in the Church Woods - St. Ann's Hall - Wednesdays - 9:00 - 10:30am (October – May)


St. Ann’s Church in Westcock was built in 1817, with William Botsford and the Honourable William Crane serving as its first wardens. The church is an example of fine classical Georgian architecture. It still retains the characteristic clear glass window and the magnificent domed ceiling. The central pulpit and box pews, which belonged to those who purchased them, were replaced over the years. There have been twenty-one Rectors of the Parish of Sackville, and the most famous was Canon G.G. Roberts, whose son, Sir Charles G.D. Roberts, immortalized him in stories and the novel, The Heart that Knows and poems such as "Westcock Hill":
I wandered down to Westcock church,

The old grey church in the wood.
Kneeling, I heard my father’s voice
In that hushed solitude.
I saw again his surplice form,
I heard the hymning choir.

A writer, in a Halifax newspaper, who was a student at Mount Allison Academy, said this of the services he attended at St. Ann’s:

A contingent of boys used to walk two and one-half miles to the old parish church at Westcock, ministered to by Rev. Goodridge Roberts… We sat in a little gallery reserved for the choir; the leading singers were young ladies belonging to the Allison families. The organ was played by Mr. Cogswell. Returning from our five mile walk, we would be rewarded for our piety by a double allowance of apple pie.

The interim Parish Warden at St. Ann’s is Martha Ritchie.