The Rev’d Dr Ranall Ingalls has been Rector of the Parishes of Sackville and Dorchester since September of 2014. In a short time he has gained a warm appreciation for the beauty of the landscape, the people of the three congregations, and the communities to which they belong.

Fr Ingalls is married to Sherry and they have three sons, Nicholas, Aidan and David.

Before Sackville & Dorchester

A native Maritimer, Fr Ingalls was raised in northern British Columbia. He studied and worked in Winnipeg, went to seminary in Wisconsin, and returned home to New Brunswick to serve in three rural parishes (Derby and Blackville, Denmark and Stanley) and one urban (Trinity, Saint John). His academic background includes a master’s thesis on the Scottish sceptic David Hume for the M.A. at the University of Manitoba (1986) and a doctoral dissertation on the greatest of the Church of England’s reformation divines, Richard Hooker, for a Ph.D. from the University of Wales at Lampeter (2004).

Meet with the Rector

Father Ingalls is always available for a visit, a cup of coffee, or a walk in the Waterfowl Park. He is also available as a confessor or spiritual director or both.